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Entrepreneurs and small business owners need trusted advisors and services to expand their companies. These upcoming articles will help many businesses better understand the dynamics of today's environment. The links below will connect you to other web sites dedicated to helping the hard working entrepreneur.

"Ken Cavallaro does what he says, when he says he will do it and to even further substantiate his integrity, he keeps you informed along the way. Having consulted for Ken and invested with Ken, he is a top quality promise-keeper."

Jim Bracher


Watch for these articles being published soon!

Entrepreneurship after the Tech-Bubble Burst - During the Late 1990's the Entrepreneur was in great demand. Submit a business plan; add a Web-Spin and Venture Capital Companies fought to give you cash. A "feeding frenzy" developed as VC Firms tried to out-bid each other for a chance to give the start-up entrepreneur millions.

Fast-forward three years, now in 2003, after the Tech-Bubble has burst, we see real companies struggling to raise capital and finding...

A Successful Company Needs Much More Than a Product or Service - Many small business owners do not understand the difference between having a successful product or service and running a successful business. Building a successful business is much more difficult than designing a product or offering a service.

A successful business must create a niche for itself and build market share while producing positive cash flow. This takes a special process and person who has the discipline to accept the time and challenges it will take to become a successful...


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